Early Career Planning

About Edmappers

Edmappers was founded for the sole purpose of being a meaningful partner for you to realize your life goals through education. Many times it is noticed that education and life goals are not mapped. This results in expending a lot of time, effort and money in studying something that doesn't add fuel to your dreams. The driving force behind the team at Edmappers is to marry studies and life goals with a rock-solid support in the form of career counseling, profile assessment and admission guidance. We believe these are tried and tested methods to help you get to the right university.

We have over 20 years of experience in guiding more than 30000 students to some of the best Universities in the world. Our support systems for students start from early on to ensure that meaningful steps are taken towards higher education. We start as early as higher secondary school and extend our support beyond masters, doctoral studies and well into career building. We pride in our ability to support students from all backgrounds with varied abilities to learn and help them get into their dream universities.

Our students are most cherished. The joy of helping our students realize their dreams is what keeps us going. It gives us great delight in sharing that 90% of our new customers are referred to us by our students from the past. Since our support extends beyond a curriculum-based approach, we share deeper bonds of trust and faith with our students. In a way, when you sign up with Edmappers for career counseling, admission counseling or profile assessment, you are actually starting a life-long relationship of robust guidance. No matter where you start your journey with us, we will be there for you throughout.

We follow a unique approach of understanding the individual needs of a particular student. We can confidently say that what we do for a student is unparalleled in the market at this point of time. Our approach is based on aligning educational aspirations with life goals. We factor in financial preparedness, aptitude and parental support also in guiding you to choices that you will be happy to live with. After all, higher education is not just about getting into a college, it's a lot about what happens once you get in until you get out with flying colors. At Edmappers we ensure those colors are bright and resplendent