Early Career Planning

Early Career Planning

How early is too early? This is a commonly asked question for career planning.

The answer is sooner the better.


Because an early bird catches the worm!

  • History is rich with examples of people who have left an indelible mark on the world by starting young at whatever they did. Mozart started music when he was just 8 years old. Alexander conquered most part of the world by the time he was 18 years old. At home, we have our very own mathematical genius, Srinivasa Ramanujan who worked out Loney's trigonometry at just 13 years of age.
  • Starting early in anything has many advantages. Especially, if it's your career, then early career planning is a boon that you will always be grateful for in your life. Starting early helps you head out in less haste. It helps you pan out your path to your dream destination. You can plan and execute specific activities that will get you a few steps closer to your goal.
  • Early career planning strengthens your profile in the face of severe competition. Since you have a clear career goal, planning your school, college and higher studies towards the specific goal is easy. Studying a relevant major, working with professors who can guide you in suitable projects, taking up internships that will enhance your skills for the career goal are tasks that can be easily accomplished.
  • Early career planning also helps in ensuring a smooth shift from studies to a career path. The transition from being a student to a full time working professional for anybody unprepared can be unnerving. Early career planning and the activities thereby help a student to smoothly fit in, gel and perform from day one.
  • Early career planning is especially a big boon in the rare chances of you planning a change in career plans. It gives you ample time to absorb the shock, reorient yourself, re-plan and execute towards a changed career goal.
  • At Edmappers, we believe firmly in starting off all our students on early career planning. It gives both of us the time to start a journey that will help you reach your target. We stand by the firm belief of the early bird idiom in this regard.
  • When you sign up with us at Edmappers for an early career planning, we start as early as 8th grade. The foundations that are laid during higher school go a long way in making steady career plans. Those precious years help us study you better beyond school curriculum. For, this is the time of your life which sees you blossoming in interpersonal skills, social consciousness, ability to balance between various elements and so on.
  • We work along with you in enriching you as a person which eventually results in an enriched profile too. Our students from the past who signed up for early career planning have graduated from Ivy league colleges and the best of universities of the world. They lead a life that gives them plenty of opportunities matched with skills acquired from early career planning.