Early Career Planning


Have you decided too late regarding your studies abroad?
Did you miss out on initial prep time for college admission?
You want a quick way to understand how to go about your college admission abroad?
You are at the right place.

  • The boot camps for college admissions from Edmappers is the right avenue for you to understand all that is needed to know about college admissions abroad. Our boot camps have helped hundreds of students over the last decade in securing college admissions in the best of colleges across the world. Our boot camps are intensive and effective. They offer the needful insights to align your aspirations and profile to bag the most appropriate college admission.
  • Boot camps are intensive 3 days to 1 week workshops designed specifically for a group of students in a particular college or university. The boot camps are aimed at covering the ground for college admissions extensively. The design of the boot camp is such that it helps aspiring students get a hold of the process of college admission including shortlisting, essay drafts, application filling and financial aid.
  • The boot camps are intensive and are conducted over a period of 2 to 3 hours each day of the camp. Each of the sessions is conducted with extreme precision to help you understand the intricacies of the process being addressed. A combination of personalized coaching and group assignments is put to use to achieve the objective.
  • The boot camps are rich with tools and techniques that will help you ace all the steps of a college admission process. There are specific processes aimed at understanding how to ace interviews, land internships, and write essay and SOP's.
  • Our boot camps provided the much needed head start for a student in the shortest of the time frames possible for an activity of this scale. It is a combination of best of the techniques used across our personalized college planning, admission guidance and essay editing services.
  • The authenticity of our boot camps and past success of students has made it a sure option for many students across different colleges. In fact, some of our past students come back to be part of our ongoing boot camps in their alma mater.
  • The boot camps are strictly registration-based and are conducted between April to June every year. Prior registration and confirmation to all formalities is a must to be part of it.