Early Career Planning


Our individual services are about helping you with specific set of requirements that you might have. We have had students approaching us in the past, who are very clear about 90% of the way to higher education. They need help and guidance with the 10% that is a grey area for them.

The 10% area of doubt could be across any of the activities in an admission cycle like:-

  • What kind of masters program really goes with my life goals?
  • What is the admission cycle of a particular university?
  • What are the timelines for application process?

And so on...

  • If you notice, these are questions from students who are clear about a lot of things to do with higher studies abroad. They just need that little bit of factual help in a certain area. Once they have the support on this bit, they are ready to go on the whole journey of higher studies by themselves.

Are individual services the right approach for me to sign up with Edmappers?

This is a question you have to answer to yourself.

  • The collective pool of information, experience and knowledge that is present in-house at Edmappers is a big support system. It can be used to help you right the early thought stage of higher education in your mind till you find a suitable university. Likewise, you can tap into specific sections of this pool of knowledge. Either way, we offer staunch support with unquestionable guidance.

Will individual services help me crack my dream university?

  • It depends completely on your preparation. Please understand, the onus of getting into your dream college rests on you when you opt for Individual services. While we are available to you 24X7 on the specific request of an individual service, we have no control over other aspects of your preparation. You are the best judge of where you stand vis a vis the level of your preparation.

What all services are covered under Individual services?

  • Individual services, like the name says cover the end to end elements of a specific service. It could be admission guidance, career counseling, career planning, portfolio guidance, SOP and essay services, resume services, interview preparation and so on. The list of specializations we have amongst the pool of extremely talented professionals working with us is big. You can choose from this really huge list of skills to see what fits your needs the best.

Will I be offered counseling on what kind of individual service to opt for?

  • In the case of an individual service, we start with the surmise of a well prepared, informed and an intelligent student who has figured out most of the higher studies puzzle. Our job is to act like an informed guardian who can help you steer clear out of trouble with the specific service that you sign up with us. If you think you need counseling, we offer that as well.
  • In all, an individual service helps you clear out the way forward with a specific pain point in your preparation of higher studies. We stand by you at every inch of this specific journey to ensure you reach your goals high and bright.