Early Career Planning


What are comprehensive services?
Is that the question on the top of your mind right now?
Well, comprehensive services are basically ALL services under one banner.
What do ALL services mean?

  • ALL services mean all the ways we can serve you to ensure you reach your destination university or college. It means that we are with you every waking and breathing minute of your college application process. It also means that we are with you even before you have decided on your dream college list. In addition, it also means that our team is your team exclusively from the moment you decide to sign up with us.
  • Comprehensive service is a two-way process. We choose to work with you only if you choose to work with us in a way that is good for both of us. We help you understand whether you are ready for comprehensive services through a timed assessment right at the beginning. This helps you understand where you stand vis a vis your dreams. It gives us a realistic insight into what lies ahead for us together in this journey to higher education.
  • Post the assessment, based on a mutual understanding arrived at a detailed counseling session we chalk out a plan to work towards your end goals. The plan is time bound with specific goals, targets and expectations from both sides. It leaves enough scope for course correction and customization as we progress on the path towards securing admissions in the best of the universities out there.
  • The comprehensive services offer you the comfort and confidence of a team of professionals including education specialists, career counselors, college advisors, admissions guidance experts. Through a series of personal and interactive sessions with each of these experienced professionals you will be able to build a profile that is compelling enough to be noticed and selected.
  • Comprehensive services are open to all who are willing to undergo the rigour. Your will and determination with the ability to adhere to guidance, discipline and be time conscious will go a long way in helping you succeed. We take special note of such winning characters. The program chalked out for you through the comprehensive services package will help you unlock these latent talents and channelize them in the most productive manner.