Early Career Planning


A knife not sharpened enough becomes blunt and useless!
In this analogy, you are the knife and the sharpening process the training.

  • Yes, regular, well designed and relevant training equips you with the skills needed to pierce through and reach your goals. It is true for all aspects of life. More so, with the part of life that deals with your education, career, placements and success.
  • A lot of skills are needed in the world today to be successful. A lot more are needed to stay successful. In a way, it's easier to become successful and comparatively tougher to stay there. Training ensures you reach and stay put at the destination success!
  • Our training modules are pre-planned with specific focus on most commonly required elements of a student. Skills pertaining to career planning, resume building, communication skills and interview prepare factored in. The modules are designed to impart the necessary knowledge and provide you with the path to use this knowledge.
  • Our training modules are also designed bearing you in mind. We are aware of your preparedness for what you have set out to achieve. Based on your level of readiness, we can customize our training modules to ensure you learn what is missing.

In short, when you choose Edmappers, you are choosing training that will go hand in hand with realizing your life goals. What you learn out of our training modules will stay with you long after you have achieved what you have set out for.

  • We can work with you as an individual student requiring complete and undisturbed attention. We can work with you in a focus group or a class. Personalized training or generalized training, either way, our association with you is to ensure that you are ready for the challenges ahead.
  • Our training programs are in-house as well as campus lead. Each of this modus operandi has seen successful results with our students in the past. The reasons are simple. Our training programs are:-
  •       Highly relevant and up to date with the market requirements
  •       Student-friendly and educative with required information
  •       Hands-on with both qualitative and quantitative outcomes
  •       Designed by experts who are aware of the needs of students
  •       Based on "learning by doing" which makes students confident
  • It is for these reasons that our students have been able to sail through the admission process at the best of colleges in the world. They attribute the skills acquired through the training at Edmappers for their continued success. Their testimonies are a proof that we are on the right track to help students realize their life goals.