Early Career Planning

Career Counseling

"The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said."
- Peter Drucker
At Edmappers, we believe in listening to the untold story of our students.
Often find that students choose a particular career for reasons like:
  •     Parental choice
  •     Peer Pressure
  •     Popular career choice
  •     Good jobs and salary

But, is that the correct choice for a student? Are these factors good enough to make a career choice? Will these factors help really land a dream job?

More importantly, will a career chosen based on the above reasons sustain for long?

These and more questions are what propel our career counseling sessions.

At Edmappers, career counseling is not just an item on the "to do" list for starting a student on the road to further studies. The counseling session goes way beyond just helping to choose a career. These sessions are structured to ensure that the inherent skills, aptitude, life goals are all tuned and matched to career goals.

So, what you have is a choice made based on:

  • Your key strengths and abilities
  • Your personal aspirations
  • Your educational background
  • Your life goals

We firmly believe these are much better influencers for choosing a career.

Our career counseling sessions are meticulously planned. A great deal of time and effort is dedicated towards understanding the orientation of the student. This becomes our foundational information to proceed further in steering the student in the right direction to pick a career.


  • We do not follow a template based career counseling method. Each student is unique. So the career counseling cannot be generalized. We customize our career counseling sessions for each student to allow scope for including options that were hitherto unexplored. A series of interactive sessions and detailed questionnaires help us gauge the student's potential.


  • We use psychometric assessments to supplement our observations about a student. They help evaluate skills beyond studies - aptitude, behavioral strengths, interests, skills, emotional maturity. All these play a great role in the success of a student in the long run. We leave no stone unturned to ensure we cover enough ground.


  • Our counselors are qualified and well-informed professionals. They are wonderful people who are willing to step into the shoes of the student to perceive unspoken information that is vital in choosing the right career.
  • Our counselors have the necessary degrees in Psychology. They also keep abreast with the latest happenings in various domains to be able to inform, guide, coach and mentor students in their choice of careers.


  • Our team of analysts works extensively to understand the implications of career choices. They cull, curate and compile data regarding each career choice to ensure that a student is highly informed about all aspects of his/her career choice.


  • We ensure that our career counseling sessions happen in an environment of trust, faith and friendship. We ensure that the student feels comfortable to share information that he/she may be reluctant to share with others. All our sessions are highly confidential.
  • We work with you to help you realize your dreams. Truly, the Path to Map your Right Career begins here!