Early Career Planning

Profile Assessment

What is my dream college looking for?

This is the topmost question on your mind when applying to your list of dream colleges. This question asked in the right earnest is the fundamental basis for your profile. Another question to pair with this one is

What is my life goal?

The answer to this question feeds your profile.

Who will help me build a profile to map my life goal and dream college?

The answer is Edmappers.

Yes! We proudly boast to be your best chance of building a profile that will help you land in your dream college in style. Our pride lies in successfully launching thousands of students in their most desired colleges with a profile that is super strong.

  • We are industry leaders in building profiles that help you realize your life goals. So, we factor in studies for sure, but not just as a means of getting a degree but an education that will help you through life and not just for a few years of graduate studies.
  • At Edmappers, we reward and respect early birds. We strongly encourage students to start young in building their profiles. We walk each step of this journey with each one of you to ensure your profile building is customized to your life goals. We ensure that your profile assessment is not for college admission alone but for translating your life goals into actionable activities that will eventually help realize them.
  • We are backed by years of experience in nurturing young students from school through high school and eventually till college. Our experience has taught us the intricacies that are part of such a journey. We cover you when it comes to facing the ups and downs of intense studies along with activities beyond curriculum that will strengthen your profile.
  • We extend support that helps in building up a bouquet of qualities, abilities and attributes that will help set apart your profile in the sea of college applications that will swamp your list of dream colleges. We ensure that all your hard work shows up in your studies for sure, but also in your extracurricular activities in tangible form that helps your dream college choose you for their program.
  • Our profile assessment services are across various fields of studies. We cover arts, management, psychology, sciences, mathematics, music, languages and so on. Our team of dedicated student counselors has been studying the landscape of higher education for years. It is their observations, insights and experience that helps you build a strong profile irrespective of your choice of study. The Path to Map your Right Career begins here! Truly so!