Early Career Planning


An urban definition of graduate school that floated as a joke is that it's a way to stay away from the real world for two to five years. This is exactly what happens when college planning is not done at the right time by the right people.

College planning cannot start when one graduates from high school. It needs to be approached much before. In fact, college planning is the last step that starts a career in the right direction eventually. Surprised?! Consider these facts:-

  • All the students of the world are exposed to diverse subjects throughout high school.
  • All students learn a bit of Science, Math, History, Geography and Languages in school

Why in the world would education be structured like this?

  • For the simple reason that it allows a student to get a taste of the various options he/she has as they progress towards further studies. This system allows a student to dirty hands at each subject to know the love-hate quotient he/she shares with it. High school is also the perfect time to start at college planning.
  • Just the way all subjects are not made for all students, all colleges are not made for all students. It is the right combination of college and student that leads to a wonderful period of graduate studies. Likewise, a steady combination of aptitude, ability and the choice of majors will lead to a fruitful time during graduation. Similarly, the right combination of a college, major and finances helps a student finish graduate studies without the stress of studies.

So college planning is a heady mix of the right college, the right major and the right funding; three stepping stones to successful graduate studies.

At Edmappers we focus on all these three critical elements!

  • We are the right sort of friends to have right from your high school education to plan for your college. We help you understand your correlation with your subjects. We help you get a real insight into what inspires you and what leaves you high and dry.
  • Starting off early on college planning gives you an edge over others. You are in control of a lot of things that go into making a college admission. Since you have the end goal clear, making the path towards it becomes systematic, easy and manageable.
  • Our team at Edmappers also helps in charting the path to map your right career. We start with you as young as from standard eight to hand hold you at every juncture until the point of time you decided to study. Be it graduate studies, postgraduate studies or even further.
  • We help you understand the right choice of majors for you through interactive processes that will give you a firsthand insight into the results of your choices. At every possible opportunity, we lend support for you to make decisions based on data. We counsel you to map your college education to your life goals and not just career goals.