Early Career Planning


Excited about higher education overseas?
Need a reliable friend to help you identify colleges?
Looking for a trustworthy mentor to guide you through your admission process?

The Path to Map your Right Career begins here!

An overseas education is an exciting learning adventure you can always boast about to your grandchildren. It helps shape up your personality like nothing else in the world. It imparts qualities like self-confidence, clarity of thought and self-reliance. It opens up opportunities to you that you weren't even aware of. It also costs a fortune which can turn into good fortune if and only if you go to the right college.

At Edmappers we believe in gently guiding you to the most appropriate college that will help you realize your life goals. We support our admission guidance process with well-founded data on colleges, informed counselors and experienced peer mentors. We ensure that the money you spend on your higher education is an investment and not an expense!


  • Getting into a college is not a short-term ten-day activity once you have your results in hand. It has to be a well thought out move. Sufficient time and effort need to be invested in identifying your list of colleges. Be it an Ivy League, top tier or a middle tier college; you need to be sure that you are focusing your efforts towards the right college. We help you through this process in a systematic manner starting with identifying your career goals and mapping them to a list of colleges. Alongside we equip you with a host of information about summer school programs, voluntary work, internships, seminars, workshops, projects which boost up your profile to make it to your list of dream colleges.


  • You want to go to one country and your mother/father feels another is right for you. Welcome to the status quo. You are not alone!
  • At Edmappers we believe in balancing dreams with reality! Your dreams balanced with the reality that your parents/well-wishers see.
  • We shortlist the right courses for you at the best possible universities across the globe. We work out this list with your aspirations, parental concerns, financial preparedness and your ability to gel into the culture of the country and the university you would be heading to.
  • Our procedure considers your academic achievements, exams to be taken, possibility of scholarships and other support systems you might need given your bent of mind. The list of courses, universities and countries selected at the end of this whole process ensures happy students and happier parents. This has been our unmistakable experience so far.


  • Your application is your representation in the universities you are aiming to go to. It is your one chance to make an inroad. It can be your return ticket too if not sharpened enough.
  • We provide you the arsenal needed to sharpen your application for a brilliant first impression. You are unique. So should your application be! This is the fundamental principle that drives all our application fine-tuning processes. We showcase your best and reason out your worst. We ensure your application actually mirrors you and delivers it across the table to the decision makers.


  • You identified your dream colleges, you got your admission and you have all the finances in place. That's a big job well done. Congratulations! Now starts the process to actually physically move to the university.
  • Our visa guidance team helps you keep track of numerous dates, deadlines, protocols and procedures to follow and fulfill to be able to land in your dream college on the right day. We literally work like your virtual assistants to ensure you show up on your D-Day!
  • Our visa guidance team also does workshops to acclimatize you to the culture, traditions, language preferences, lifestyle and campus life of your dream college.