Early Career Planning


  • Your essay is your ticket to your dream college. This one statement cannot be overemphasized anymore than this! The quality of your essay really is what makes or breaks your college admission. Years of planning, months of preparation, hours of counseling, every minute of effort spent in cracking the entrance exams like SAT, GMAT, GRE, IELTS etc. all culminate into this one aspect - the essay!
  • Your essay needs to represent you in totality. Not just the academic angle or the personal angle. Your essay has to talk on your behalf to the selection panel of your dream colleges. It has to communicate the what, why, how of your interest in that particular program offered at the college. It has to convey who you are and how you fit into the scheme of things for them. All this in a limited word count! Sounds like a challenge.

At Edmappers, we have been successfully dealing with this challenging bit of college admission with elan! Our essay editing services for top university admissions are focused and goal oriented. We ensure that your essay is an actual representation of you in totality.

  • Our essay editing team is not just a bunch of writers with a flair for language. These are people who have been where you will be in a couple of months. They know what it means to work towards a top tier college admission. They have completed these steps in their education. They have the ability to translate your aspirations into words that convey what you want to tell in a manner that the selection panel wants to hear. Our essay editing services for best universities abroad are the best in the field today. Many of our students have kept their essays edited by our brilliant team as a memory for life beyond college admissions.
  • When we draft your essay, it is a not a one shot arrangement of putting together a few grammatically right sentences in a flowery manner. We take the time to understand your intent in getting admission in a college. The inclination towards a particular program vis a vis your aptitude. We also get to understand you as a person beyond your degrees. We map all these in a way that helps the selection panel get to know the 'real you'.
  • The editing part of the essay is only 20% of the work. 80% of our time, effort and thought goes into identifying the critical aspects of your persona, your profile, your life goals, your aspirations, dreams and hobbies that make you what you are. Once this is figured out, putting together a winning essay is a cake walk. At Edmappers, we have perfected this art to the utter satisfaction of our students.