Early Career Planning


A work of art is an expression of a thought in the physical form. The medium could be any - canvas, stone, wood, metal, paper and so on. Just like the mediums, there are artists of all kinds. There are universities that take students with artistic aspirations for further studies and a career. The path to these universities is not always a clear-cut roadmap.

  • Universities across the world offer arts as a chosen form of advanced studies. The student is nurtured by his/her full potential to become some of the best artists of the world. This journey starts with a meticulous planning of a portfolio that captures the essence of the artist, his/her work and aspirations as a form of career too. This is where we step in!
  • At Edmappers, we take utmost care to work along with you early on to create a portfolio that clearly conveys to the world about your true potential. Our team helps you to present your portfolio in top shape with the necessary tools.
  • Our counselors are experienced to guide you through various stages of portfolio creation from conceptualization, visualization to execution. It is a process that will get your works of art from a thought level to a tangible experience.
  • The portfolio assistance will help you create artistic statements to explain the thought that went into your work of art. This is an important factor in your selection as a student in a prospective university. The artistic statement is the real deal clincher in programs that offer art as an option.
  • The artistic statements are written, proofread and mulled over by experts in direct consultation with you. This process enables a presentation of your artwork in the most professional form.
  • The portfolio services include learning from inspirational artists, getting hands-on experience with real-life model building and the likes. The whole process enlivens the artworks you intend to present to a board of selection in a university.

Edmappers ensures that the art and the artist are presented in the most transparent form to an intended board of selection.