Early Career Planning


  • You have your vision clear about where you see yourself in 10 years down the line. You have a clear path to the university you would like to pursue your higher studies to achieve this vision. You have made your plans about the majors you would like to pursue. You have detailed out the professors you would like to work with. It all seems so clear that it is impossible to think anything can come in the way of realizing your vision. Except that there is the practical and realistic aspect of financing your higher studies.
  • Yes, higher studies abroad in some of the best universities of the world are a sure way to catapult your career. The possibility to network with some of the best thinking brains of the world is an opportunity that cannot be missed. The avenues that open to you when you are ready to graduate are available to just a few. Something so great cannot be achieved without putting together the calculations of time, effort and money.
  • While higher studies do cost a fortune, they are an investment for life. They are an investment that is worth working towards. At Edmappers, we strive to ensure that our students are not left in the blue when it comes to working out finances for their higher studies. We make it a point to factor in considerations towards financial help to ensure you realize your dreams.
  • Our experience of helping students over the last few years has added to a wealth of information to crack your financial worries for higher studies. We offer a bouquet of services for financial assistance for higher studies including help for scholarships, financial aid, co-op programs, internships, student employment, merit and need based scholarships.
  • The options available for financial help to complete higher studies vary from one country to another. Some countries provide extensive opportunities for financial aid. Some other countries do not provide financial aid. Some countries offer higher education at a relatively less cost provided the student applying has the ability to learn in local language. These and many such factors play a role in the financial support for your higher studies abroad.
  • Edmappers has a team of experts well versed in the various nuances of financial aid in most of the universities across the world. We lean on the knowledge of these experts to help you identify the best financial assistance that is suitable to you. Our counselors make it a point to factor in the element of finances in all education-related counseling sessions with you.
  • At Edmappers we ensure you are provided the best of financial aid for pursuing your dream of higher education without cutting corners. We factor in all your key strengths, aptitude and aspirations to suggest, recommend and work with you to ensure successful financial aid.