Early Career Planning


How early is too early? This is a commonly asked question for career planning. The answer is sooner the better. Why? Because an early bird catches the worm!.History is rich with examples of people who have left an indelible mark on the world by starting young at whatever they did.

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Career Counselling


"The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said." - Peter DruckerAt Edmappers, we believe in listening to the untold story of our students. Often find that students choose a particular career for reasons like: Parental choice, Peer Pressure, Popular career choice, Good jobs and salary.

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Profile Assessment


What is my dream college looking for? This is the top most question on your mind when applying to your list of dream colleges. This question asked in the right earnest is the fundamental basis for your profile. Another question to pair with this one is What is my life goal?

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Strategy Session


There are a wide variety of colleges out there. Likewise there is a huge group of students vying for those colleges. You are one among the many. Your choices are unique to you. However in the melee of a huge volume of applications, how do you ensure you stand out so you get an admission in your dream college ?

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College Plannnig


An urban definition of graduate school that floated as a joke is that it's a way to stay away from the real world for two to five years. This is exactly what happens when college planning is not done at the right time by the right people. College planning cannot start when one graduates from high school.

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Admission Guidance


Excited about higher education overseas? Need a reliable friend to help you identify colleges? Looking for a trust worthy mentor to guide you through your admission process? The Path to Map your Right Career begins here! An overseas education is an exciting learning adventure

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Essay Editing


Your essay is your ticket to your dream college. This one statement cannot be over emphasized anymore than this! The quality of your essay really is what makes or breaks your college admission. Years of planning, months of preparation, hours of counseling,

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Portfolio Guidance/Artspiration


A work of art is an expression of a thought in the physical form. The medium could be any - canvas, stone, wood, metal, paper and so on. Just like the mediums there are artists of all kinds. There are universities that take students with artistic aspirations for further studies and a career.

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Scholarships & Financial Planning


You have your vision clear about where you see yourself in 10 years down the line. You have a clear path to the university you would like to pursue your higher studies to achieve this vision. You have made your plans about the majors you would like to pursue.

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Boot Camp


Have you decided too late regarding your studies abroad? Did you miss out on initial prep time for college admission? You want a quick way to understand how to go about your college admission abroad? You are at the right place.The boot camps for college admissions from Edmappers

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Individual Services


Our individual services are about helping you with specific set of requirements that you might have. We have had students approaching us in the past, who are very clear about 90% of the way to higher education. They need help and guidance with the 10% that is a grey area for them.

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Comprehensive Services


What are comprehensive services? Is that the question on the top of your mind right now? Well, comprehensive services are basically ALL services under one banner. What do ALL services mean? ALL services mean all the ways we can service you to ensure you reach your destination university or college.

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A knife not sharpened enough becomes blunt and useless! In this analogy, you are the knife and the sharpening process the training. Yes, regular, well designed and relevant training equips you with the skills needed to pierce through and reach your goals. It is true for all aspects of life.

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