Did you know that one-third of the global students feel that they chose the wrong program or career path? What about you? Are you sorted? Or you are too confused to choose a college or program?

Clear up all your college admission confusions and get accepted to your dream college of choice with BROADMITS! From university shortlisting, document editing, to application and visa processing – we will guide you throughout the process until you reach your dream college.

Be a part of BROADMITS to start your journey from here to the world.

Career Guidance, Grad School Planning, Admission Overview: (CCA Program)
Recommended For: Ideal for students in any stream of graduation (preferably 1 - 2 years ahead of graduation year)
Sessions: Can be taken in groups of 3 and 5
Who is it for: These DIY (Do-it-yourself) sessions are designed to help students who are familiar with graduate school admissions, universities, and procedures. The sessions are perfect if you would like to actively work on the graduate school applications yourself. Our advice and coaching will ensure you are doing everything right with expert advice in the following areas:

  • Benefits listed in ACGS program
  • Guidance on how admissions and course offerings work in different countries.
  • Best country suited for the chosen discipline, and identification of career prospects.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of studying in different countries and post completion career prospects
  • Detailed information on the cost involved, opportunities for scholarships, exams to be taken.
  • Graduate School Admissions & Activity Calendar.

Profile Building & Personalized University Selection Strategy: (P2U Program)
Recommended For: Students in penultimate year of graduation | Study abroad aspirants
Sessions: Can be taken in groups of 3 and 5
Who is it for: These DWY (Done-with-you) sessions are designed to help students who have strong understanding of admissions to grad schools abroad but need the personalized and expert support, so you can gain admission to the top universities of your choice. Expect the following benefit

  • Gain deep analysis on multiple parameters of your profile as a whole, individual activities and achievements.
  • Use the SWOT analysis (Grades, Co-curricular activities, leadership positions and areas for improvement) to map to the right universities
  • Get 1:1 coaching and email support to improve and maximize your admission chances at top universities worldwide.
  • Personalize the universities with FIT assessment and get comprehensive university recommendation list based on more than 10 parameters.

Complete Admission Guidance
Recommended For:
Study Abroad Aspirants (Particularly valuable for those aiming for top universities worldwide)
Who is it for: This DFY (Done-for-you) guidance provides comprehensive hand holding with unlimited support on career guidance, grad school planning and admissions. The program comes with support regular document review and editing support for recommendations and statement of purpose customized to each university applied. Our in-house research and admissions team work on your applications, track outcomes and support you until you reach university (and most often after that too).

Advanced Admission Guidance
Recommended For:
Study Abroad Aspirants (Particularly valuable for those aiming for top universities worldwide)
Who is it for: This DFY (Done-for-you) provides all the benefits of Complete Admission Guidance with additional advanced document review and editing support on your additional academic,creative, technical, personal or leadership essays.

We strongly recommend you to begin the admission guidance program at least 6-months before applications are due, to get maximum support and benefit of early admissions for universities abroad.

Specialized Programs
Write Impression:
Essay Review and Editing Programs Depending on the program, university and level of your studies (Master’s / Research / MBA) and country applying to, the Statement of Purposes, Personal and Academic Essays vary in their approach, coverage, and depth.
The Write Impression programs allow you to understand these differences and help craft / polish flawless statements and essays that resonate with the person you are and your fit at your intended university.

Review includes

  • Collecting and reviewing all admission documents
  • Receive personalized feedback and tailored suggestions on storyboard, phrasing, structure and grammar.
  • Final review of edited draft with plagiarism and grammar check Edit includes
  • In addition to review benefits, the in-house content experts will help improve structure, story and provide a crisp edited document that adheres to word limit requirements of each university.
  • Help with research on university specific information (majors / research / activities / labs / professors, etc.)

Document Takeaways:

  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Academic Statements
  • Personal Statements
  • B-school Essays
  • Creative Essays