Applying to Art & Design School? Not sure how to create a portfolio that will help you stand out? ARTSPIRATION is your way out.

We give shape to your rich imaginations that convey your unique observations and out-of-the- box ideas. Our expertise is in guiding students to create and build a portfolio that will allow you to reveal your personality, illustrate your creativity, showcase your skills and inspirations, and demonstrate your commitment to the program that you are applying to.

Artspiration: Art & Design Portfolio Program
Recommended for: Students pursuing artistic degrees & those interested in pursuing creative careers | change over students wanting to gain foothold in creative industries.
If you are interested in pursuing a career in Architecture, Fashion, Design, Visual and Performing Arts, then this program is for you. Be it providing expert guidance on choosing the right art major, assessing your talent, interest and career outcome sought or helping you build a stand-out portfolio and getting admission to top Art & Design colleges worldwide, we offer a highly customized counselling and guidance program.

  • Art & Design Counseling
  • Ideation & Portfolio Guidance
  • Editing and Reviewing of Artistic Descriptions, Artistic Statements, and Essays

Note: Artspiration Program can be combined with Admission Guidance Programs for Top Design

Students can combine or take standalone assistance and guidance for several additional services. These include
School / Program specific interview Prep: Admission at top schools often include admission interview. These interviews can be conducted in person / virtually / recorded as video responses online. The mock interviews allow you to practice and gain 1-on-1 feedback to ace interviews with confidence.
Visa Guidance: From mock interviews, financial planning, documentation and visa form filling, the guidance will provides last-mile advantage.


  • Education Loan Planning and Assistance
  • Accommodation and Housing Assistance
  • Travel and Forex
  • Pre-departure Guidelines

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