Student of the Year

    18TH MAY 2019 | 10:00 A.M

    Are you that student who likes to tinker with cool gadgets, are you a fashionista or are you a entrepreunurial risk-taker?

    Well ! Whatever you are we will make you understand, yourself much better. All you need to do is enrol for the Free Career Counselling Workshop to be held on 18th May 2019, at our center in Hitech City.

    During this session, you will get complete clarity on the following:

    1. Identify different career streams 
    2. Create a to-do-list to build the right profile 
    3. Understand your areas for improvement 
    4. Map your skills, aptitude, interests to career goals. 

    Edmappers is one of the best platforms that will guide you to transform from what you are now to what you want to become. 
    So, don’t be late. Register your free career counseling session now.

    Call 76800 38666 to book your slot

    18TH MAY 2019 | 11:00 A.M

    Planning to fly overseas to the land of your dreams?

    We know that choosing a University abroad is all about making the right fit - the course, the environment, the financial package and most importantly, the aspirations.

    Planning for college admissions in the USA is far more than just perking up  your academic skills and racking up a significantly long list of projects.

    Learn what it takes to bring out the best in you at our Session:

    1. Understand Admission Timelines 
    2. Know more about Scholarships and Post Study Opportunities 
    3. Learn the importance of exams and planning assistantships 
    4. Safety Measures and More

    Call Now to book your slot – 76800 38666

    18TH MAY 2019 | 12:15 P.M

    Would you like to up-level yourself or plug-in the gaps of knowledge?

    Find the best internship opportunities with the Government of Telangana or reputed private companies and be someone with a forte and flair that stands out.

    Our Session here will provide you with an enriching experience to plan and get yourself ahead of your peers. 
    Understand the parameters and sought after skills required to intern in high-octane work environments.

    Join the free workshop to unlock your chance and enhance your perspective by integrating academic knowledge and real-world work experience. Test your talent by booking your free session today!

    Call Now to book your slot – 76800 38666

  • NOTE

    1. Session can be attended strictly by prior appointment. 
    2. One person can attend one out of the 3 sessions 
    3. SMS and Whatsapp confirmations for registrations will not be accepted 
    4. Only calls will be accepted to schedule your appointment