What is Career Counselling?

  • The job market is changing at a pace that formal education is not keeping up with. Technology is a key disruptor. A career path that seems niche now is not relevant just a few months down the road. Aspirational jobs need inspirational thinking. An up to date viewpoint of the changing career scene is an important asset in deciding career paths. A student busy in balancing academics, extracurricular activities and a social life hardly has the time, money, inclination or tools needed to assess the changing landscape of career paths.
  • Career counseling is one sure way to understand the latest that is in the career space for a student. In the able hands of a well-informed counselor, a student can make a wise and an educated choice about career paths. A career counselor who has a fresh view of the world can help a student map his education, life goals, career goals and lifestyle. In short, career counseling helps a student lost in the wilderness of career choices with a clear, well-lit path to a specific destination.