Why Edmappers?

Edmappers is a brilliant partner for your career plans. The reasons are simple:-

  • We have a team of highly informed career counselors who can think on your behalf.
  • Our career guidance sessions are hardcore data-driven with realistic approaches.
  • We are hands-on with the latest trends and the trends yet to come in the career space.
  • We are well equipped to hand hold you from as early as your higher secondary school.

In short, when you sign up with Edmappers, you have an expanded and a 360-degree view of the career spaces that are relevant to you. We ensure you find a career path that is the right choice for you. In your success lies ours!


Edmappers is your new best friend for college admission because:-

  • One in six students applying to top-notch universities has got scholarships and financial aid.
  • One in three students got admitted into the top Colleges/Universities worldwide.
  • Highly trained Counselors with 17+ years of experience in education counseling, career guidance and portfolio building.
  • More than 5000 students from top Schools, Colleges/Universities & IT Companies have been counselled by us.
  • Students have made it through job placements in top companies such as Flipkart, Tek Systems Global, Accenture, Infosys, TCS etc.
  • Dedicated team of expert advisors, career counselors, peer mentors with deep learning in education.
  • A robust network of alumni well places across different fields of work.


The job market is changing at a pace that formal education is not keeping up with. Technology is a key disruptor. A career path that seems niche now is not relevant just a few months down the road. Aspirational jobs need inspirational thinking. An up to date viewpoint of the changing career scene is an important asset in deciding career paths. A student busy in balancing academics, extracurricular activities and a social life hardly has the time, money, inclination or tools needed to assess the changing landscape of career paths.

Career counseling is one sure way to understand the latest that is in the career space for a student. In the able hands of a well-informed counselor, a student can make a wise and an educated choice about career paths. A career counselor who has a fresh view of the world can help a student map his education, life goals, career goals and lifestyle. In short, career counseling helps a student lost in the wilderness of career choices with a clear, well-lit path to a specific destination.